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What's so special about FishArc's logbook?


Do you check up with your fellow fishing buddies or chat in forums about how fishing is? Do you call everyone on the phone or email them to figure out how fishing has been in total? Do you trust the few select public reports in forums. There must be a better way to use your fishing network!

FishArc's trips are logbook entries that you can share with people on your friends list, your groups, or everyone. Wherever you go on the site, you will see data from trips shared by your friends, the groups you belong to, and public trips. The rest are completely hidden.

The bigger your fishing network in your local area and the more you share with each other, the more powerful this tool is. So invite your friends, have them log their trips, and share your secret reports with each other!

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Sampletrip We've created the ultimate free online fishing log by fishermen, for fishermen.

It is designed so anyone can create a great looking fishing log quickly and easily.

Use our fishing maps to give the vicinity of where you fished or pinpoint your exact fishing locations.

Add optional information such as catch info, lures, current, tide, moon phase, water temperature, barometric pressure, etc, so that you can analyze catch information by those parameters. Remember, the more optional information you add, the more powerful the analysis of your fishing log will be.

We'll also be able to provide personal stats such as personal bests, hours fished, landed/lost ratio, success rates, etc from your fishing log on your profile page to show off your skills!

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Concerned about privacy? Fishing logs are kept completely private until you change the privacy settings.

Analyze and chart

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Most people don't fish enough for their fishing log to generate good analysis data, so we've designed the analyzer to be able to include shared fishing log data as well as your own. You can include fishing log data shared by your friends with you, to your club, and publicly shared data.

Imagine the power if your group of friends fish at different times on the same location that week, and immediately you have the fishing log data to see what affects your catch rates! So invite your friends and start sharing with each other.


Post Your Photos


A picture's worth a thousand words! Complete the fishing log by easily adding photos and to prove that you caught the big one!

Photos are automatically created and thumbnailed for the best presentation and download speed. The originals are also kept in case you need to retrieve them.