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Meadow Pt.

September 17, 2009

Area 10 - Seattle/Bremerton, Washington 09-17-09 06:45 AM ( about 5 hours )

This is a photo of my cousin Miguel on is 2nd fishing trip with me. The 1st trip we only caught shakers. Even though he's a fisherman in Alaska. So, this time he was anxious to catch a big one. Thursday morning at 5:45am we had our lines in the water. By 6:05am my cousin had his first bite of the morning, about a 6 lb. Coho. 10 minutes after he set his line back in the water his rod snapped again and this one was a pink about a 5-6 lb. At 6:45am we were talking and having a bite to eat, not looking at the rods when all of a sudden we heard his line running...ZZZZZZZZ. It was a 13.80 lb. He was HOT! After trolling around for a little longer just before we decided to pull up our gear around 11:30am I still managed to get my limit too.


4 Kept Coho salmon



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