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Roche Harbor-25 pound King

August 17, 2009

Area 7 - San Juan Islands, Washington 08-17-09 06:00 AM ( about 1 hour )

We fished just off Port Townsend on our way to Sidney Canada on August 11. We caught a 15-20 pound king salmon that was wild. Wild fish in area 9 has to be released.

While I was calling in to US Customs on August 13, Judy had the assignment of watching the fishing pole. Well it went off while I was trying to hear our clearance number. When I got to the pole it was all slack. As I reeled it in, the fish took off. A nice 8-10 pound ocean silver that fed everyone with some leftovers on Friday night. We were off Mosquito Pass, which is the at the NW end of San Juan Island and the western tip of Henry Island.

Now for the big one. Judy and I went out for the evening tide to see if we can catch a silver or king. We left the dock around 4:30 and planned to have dinner on the boat while trolling. We went back to where we caught the silver. Around 6 pm the fish hit- a big KING Salmon! It took off right for the bottom which is very deep there. Then he ran and peeled line. Finally I worked him up to the surface where he thrashed on the surface. Went deep again and just shook his head saying “no way this is happening to me!”. Got him back up by the boat and Judy went to net him, missed. He was big – 38 inches, 25 pounds and fat. Usually fish should go into the net head first, but given the opportunity Judy netted him tail first. It was good she did because the hook holding him broke off while he was in the net. Then he tried to get out of the net by swimming up. It was a circus, but once on the deck in my boat that was it, we had him. We were quite the attraction back at the dock. We got 19 two person meals, 7 we gave away including two to the Canadians next to us at the dock.
I hope everyone is having a great summer. My boat is out of order for a week or two. Port engine carburetor died. If you need a deck hand let me know!


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Murphy wrote: (about 11 years ago)
nice fish! Sidney is a beautiful marina and town
Ryley wrote: (about 11 years ago)
Heck of a nice fish. I fish out of Roche a few times each summer and always go fish Open bay and the outside of Henry Island, but never get a thing! I'd love it if you could tell me where you were in relation to open bay and how deep the fish was caught so Next time I have a better chance. Thanks, Ryley
fishlover wrote: (about 11 years ago)
Ryley, I was in Mitchell Bay, just between the point on Henry and Mosquito pass. The fish was in 400 feet of water. My downrigger was on 130. Green and white hoochie with 40 inch leader. Caught a silver about 10 pounds in the same spot with the same rig and depth. Good luck up there!
Fishnut wrote: (about 11 years ago)
Beautiful fish


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