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Neah Bay King, Coho Action!

August 8, 2009

Area 4 - Neah Bay, Washington 08-08-09 09:00 AM ( about 4 hours )

Tina and I decided on a last minute trip to Neah Bay Friday 8/7 as the straits and ocean forecast were favorable for a run!

Got to Port Angeles Friday night, and took off for Point of Arches Sat morning. We got there around 8:30AM and spent an hour and half to get almost 2 limits of bottom fish.

Then we started trolling for Salmon. After 5 minutes, Fish ON!. We bring a nice fat king to the boat, didn't measure, guessing 20lb. Back down the gear goes, and after half an hour, a twin joins it in the box. At this point, I'm thinking that its going to be a great day as they've raised the limit to 2 kings per person.

However, the bite died and we spent a couple of hours without a bite.


2 Kept Chinook salmon 20lb
15 Kept Black rockfish
1 Kept Cabezon
1 Kept China rockfish

Area 4 - Neah Bay, Washington 08-08-09 01:00 PM ( about 1 hour )

Since its been a long day and the wind's starting to pick up, we run into the calm straits and get a couple of dinky coho. Releasing about 10 wild / hatchery kept.


2 Kept Hatchery Coho salmon 5lb

Area 4 - Neah Bay, Washington 08-08-09 11:00 AM ( about 1 hour )

The next morning, we ran to Point of Arches again. After 3 hours of no bites, we head to 250' of water.

Here, we had the best salmon fishing I can remember. Since there was just Tina and I, I put the boat in gear, and just let it run all over the place since we had fish on for an hour straight.

We would be dealing with fish on one rod, while the other rod is just dragging a flasher and spoon on the surface 30' behind the boat. It would almost always get a fish on before we're done fighting and unhooking one fish and letting line back out.

After an hour of exhaustive work, we managed 4 nice coho. You can see their size in the pics next to the couple of 5 lbers.

We leave Neah Bay at 2PM, back in Edmonds at 6PM (4 hours). The roughest water Sunday was the last 2 miles outside of Edmonds - go figure.


3 Kept Coho salmon 10lb
1 Kept Hatchery Coho salmon 8lb


fish-on! wrote: (over 11 years ago)
2hrs from neah bay to edmonds? You have a fast boat.
earlybird wrote: (over 11 years ago)
uhhh, back at 6PM... how did I make that mistake :)
fish-on! wrote: (over 11 years ago)
4hrs isn't bad either - thats probably faster than by car.


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