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Tina's NEW Biggest King!

August 1, 2009

Area 9 - Admiralty Inlet, Washington 08-01-09 05:30 AM ( about 3 hours )

Decided to fish in front of Edmonds after being skunked twice in a row at PNP. Fished a couple of hours catching seaweed after seaweed. I was ready to give up because Tina wasn't feeling too great either.

However, we stayed a little longer and was trolling right infront of the marina entrance when I started eating a sandwich. Tina JUMPs up and ran out to grab the rod that was just buried.

After three or 4 full circles with the boat, we bring in this nice 26lber. Her new largest king after last years 20!


1 Kept Hatchery Chinook salmon 26lb 37.0 23.5


Firstmate wrote: (over 11 years ago)
Sounds like a pig, good job!
Stumpy wrote: (over 11 years ago)
Way to go Tina! Have any measurements of Mr. Salmon for me?
Stumpy wrote: (over 11 years ago)
Nevermind I found the Tape measured pictures! What did Mr. Salmon enjoy for lunch?
Firstmate wrote: (over 11 years ago)
Well....Mrs. Salmon like to eat army truck coyote spoon.
Stumpy wrote: (over 11 years ago)
My apologies to the Misses! You never can tell these days! LOL
snotty wrote: (over 11 years ago)
Holy crap!! That's much better than the flounder I caught yesterday.
HolySmokes wrote: (over 11 years ago)
beautiful fish! It's always nice when they won't quite fit into the cooler :) HS
Murphy wrote: (over 11 years ago)
Woah! That fish is dang near big as she is


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