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Neah Bay Halibut and Lingcod

May 15, 2008 - May 17, 2008

Area 3 - LaPush , Washington 05-15-08 07:00 AM ( about 4 hours )

Arrived at my friend Jim's house on Lake Union around 1:30PM on 5/14/08, we packed his boat and realized I forgot the harpoon. Cruised through the locks quickly and headed to Neah Bay. Shilshole to Neah Bay in 4 hours at 30kts!

Woke up early Thursday and headed 30 miles out to the LaPush hole that everyone knows about now. With a couple of new guys on board, one brought up a 30lb hali, and another a 40lb. I decide to release the first fish - a 30lb hali, and it turns out to be bad luck. We follow that with 7 nice lings and no halis.

We start doing different drifts to find some halis, and we hook up a big one! With the electric line counter reels, we get it up to 15' of the boat after 20min, and it slows goes back down to 400'! After another 20min, we get it back up to within 50', and the hook just came unbuttoned! We were so dejected knowing that it was a 100+lb fish, and its probably because I forgot the harpoon.

We spent the next couple of hours scratching out our limits of halis between 20-30lb. Don't release that first fish!


1 Kept Pacific halibut 40lb
1 Kept Pacific halibut 22lb
1 Kept Pacific halibut 25lb
1 Kept Pacific halibut 20lb
8 Kept Lingcod 20lb

Wadda Island, Washington 05-16-08 08:00 AM ( about 3 hours )

On Friday morning, warm wind was blowing 30kts out of the East. We decide to head around the cape to get on the lee side for some bottom fishing. We get around the cape, and it was blowing just as bad, no way to fish. So we head back towards Neah Bay, and fished on the lee side of Wadda Island. Release a few undersized lings, and kept a rockfish and a cabezon, at which point we gave up.


1 Kept Cabezon 5lb
1 Kept China rockfish 2lb

Area 3 - LaPush , Washington 05-17-08 07:00 AM ( about 4 hours )

Saturday forecast called for S 15-25kt winds + 9' swells. So we head out bright and early and made the 30mi run to our spot. Same results as thursday with 8 nice lings and 4 halibut in the 20-30lb range.


4 Kept Pacific halibut 25lb
8 Kept Lingcod 20lb

Tatoosh Island, Washington 05-17-08 11:00 AM ( about 2 hours )

Stopped by Tatoosh Island on the way back, no luck except for some rocks...


No catches reported.



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