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Jambo Rocks!

June 6, 2009

Area 4 - Neah Bay, Washington 06-06-09 05:00 AM ( about 7 hours )

Grabbed 4 spots on Jambo's boat for the June 6th Halibut opener and took 1 of my managers and 2 customers from the Yakima & Ellensburg area. Left the dock around 5 am headed for the Ling cod hole several miles offshore in some bumpy water. Got to the grounds and promptly dropped the jigs to the bottom and started calling in the lings with some quick action bottom bouncing. Hooked up 4 lings pretty quick although Jambo felt it was a little slow so we moved around a bit to get the drift just right over the best ling spots. All I can say is Jambo really knows how to fish! He put us on some incredible action by moving the "Malia Kai" just a few hundred yards and Kaboom all the rods are going off and it is udder mayhem on the deck as the fish start hitting the surface! Deckhand Michael and Mike "Jambo" Jamboretz worked the deck flawlessly gaffing everyones ling and before we knew it, the cooler was full and the boat was limited. Now I know why he felt the earlier drift was a little slow. Randy D. (Plumber from Ellensburg) finished up in the Ling hole with a beautiful 60 pound Halibut which was gaffed and stuffed on top of the limit of Lings. It was time to focus on the halibut so Jambo moved us to the Halibut sweet spot and we dropped the bait down and after 1-2 taps on the bottom all the rods were going off again. WE LIMITED THE "MALIA KAI" IN 20 MINUTES! NO B.S.! 9 Halibut in 20 minutes, do the math on that! Had a great ride in as deckhand Michael performed some incredible "Ginsu technique" on the fish which was amazing! A HUGE THANK YOU to Mike and crew for making our ocean experience fun and entertaining. Jambo is a top notch captain and fishing guide! My customers had an awesome time and this trip will pay dividends for my company because of the positive experience they enjoyed. I am booking a couple more trips with Jambo for slammin' Salmon later this year!


1 Kept Pacific halibut 35lb
2 Kept Lingcod 24lb 39.5


Murphy wrote: (over 10 years ago)
Great report Tim! I know Jambo likes the pipe jigs for lings. Was he using them for the halibut too?
Stumpy wrote: (over 10 years ago)
We did pickup the nice halibut on a pipe jig in the ling spot but he switched to the tuna cord/hootchie/bait system which was on fire.
earlybird wrote: (over 10 years ago)
Was this still the lapush spot? Were there still lots of boats out there?
Stumpy wrote: (over 10 years ago)
Maybe a dozen boats at the ling spot and 25 boats at the SW corner. Didn't seem like a ton of pressure to me. It SUCKS they closed it.


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