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Big Halibut!

May 13, 2006

Neah Bay, Washington 05-13-06 06:00 AM ( about 6 hours )

This was a LONG Trip.

Jim and I departed for Neah Bay from Edmonds on Friday at 6AM. We planned to leave on Wed, but there was a storm moving through puget sound. As we rounded Point Wilson, we noticed a large wave in front of us. Neither of us knew what it was. As we got closer and closer, it looked like a wierd tanker wake. As we crested the wake, we both braced because there were hundreds more stacked up behind it. Earlybird nose dived into the next wave, and a foot of water went over the bow. Water covered all the windows and we lost all visibility. We bobbed up, and I quickly steered into the next wave. Same thing happens 5-10 times as we were in the worst bar scenario I've ever seen. After we cleared the large waves, it was clear that we were stuck in 6' wind waves, and my boat was tossed around could not go faster than 10knots. We limped in behind Protection Island at 6AM, and anchored up.

We were planning to reach Neah Bay that afternoon to do some fishing and meet up with our friends Sat for some halibut fishing. Instead, we waited for the seas to calm a bit, and headed for Port Angeles. We got beat up, but arrived there, and met our friends there for the night.

Next morning we left at 5AM for Neah Bay in flat calm waters, while our friends drove. We picked them up at 7AM, and headed around Tatoosh to the corner of the closure. We started fishing at 9AM, and limited out on large halibut and lings by 1PM, and arrived safely back at the docks at 2:30.


1 Kept Pacific halibut 80lb
3 Kept Pacific halibut 45lb
8 Kept Lingcod 20lb



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