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First Neah Bay Tuna

March 15, 2008

Neah Bay, Washington 03-15-08 06:00 AM ( about 2 hours )

In the middle of August 2007 Tom Gobin's group was scheduled to do an Offshore Chinook trip. The day before their Chinook trip, they fished for Halibut with us.During their Halibut trip I explained that the Chinook fishing was so Hot and Cold, that I could not promise that everyone would go home with a Chinook. We explained that even though we have never done it before, we could change the trip from Chinook to Tuna.With big smiles everyone was in. After we retuned from our Halibut trip, we spent the next several hours borrowing gear and knowlege. The icemaker at the commercial dock was not working.We moved the boat right into the boat launch and a forklift from the Co-op brought us a tote of ice. The ice had to be carried down to the boat in coolers.
The next morning we loaded the boat at 0400 instead of 0500. It took us a full hour to reach Tatoosh in the dark. The Malia Kai has no light so we navigated by instrument only. We might as well have painted the windows black. I was not willing to go any faster than I was willing to hit something. We picked up our speed as the visability improved. With our fingers crossed we headed offshore on a SouthWest coarse for about 55 miles until we found the warm water. I was expecting to see some other boats, commercial and sport, to assure me that we were in the right place. There were no boats in sight. I saw a porpoise or dolfin and we dicided to give it a try. Within about 15 minutes we had our first Albacore hit. What a relief! We spent the next 5 1/2 hours boating a total of 26 Tuna. We had to quit to have time to make the fuel dock before it closed at 8:00PM. By the time we did the boat chores, it was after 10:00pm. That made for a short night, as we had a Halibut trip the next morning. I think that we learned that the range is possible yet a little too much for a Day Trip with a Charterboat from Neah Bay.


26 Kept Albacore


AC wrote: (almost 13 years ago)
Wow, nice albacore on deck :)


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