February 8, 2009

bay saint louis bridge, Mississippi 02-08-09 06:00 AM ( about 3 hours )

the trip started slow but the tide was rising and i was hopefull with good reason ive fished this spot several times and 98% of the time it produces fish of all kinds this time it was blackdrum 3 of them. 5,20 and 40 lbs with 2 that broke off on 25lb line the trick to blackdrum fishing is a light touch they bite soft and seem like a small fish until you set the hook and your pole bends in half you think you just set the hook on a log then the brute takes off what large drum lack in speed and power they make up for in size the 10 to 25 lbs range are the best fighting the 3 to 8 lbs are the best eating and the jumbos just let them go

clik clik clik


3 Released Black drum



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