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Pender Island King - NOT

September 1, 2007

Poet's Cove, Washington 09-01-07 06:00 AM ( about 4 hours )

We got up early at the crack of dawn and went out to the rock wall outside Poet's Cove looking for Kings. Dropped our lines down. There were bait jumping everywhere. After a couple of passes, Murphy shows up in his SeaSport. A few minutes later, FISH ON and Ce grabs the rod! This is a BIG ONE, peeling line. After a tug of war for 5-10 minutes, I check her drag because it just seemed that we cannot gain on this fish. It was LOOSE! Tightning it up appropriately brought the fish in easily. Ce caught her first Salmon!!! A 5lb Pink :)


1 Kept Pink salmon 5lb


AC wrote: (over 12 years ago)
How many did Ce end up catching?
earlybird wrote: (over 12 years ago)
Just that one... It was a slow day, but we did get 13 crab that day!


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