Mike's Fishing hole

February 2, 2009

Tub's Medow N 42 02,659' W 070 48,765', Massachusetts 02-02-09 06:00 AM ( about 2 hours )

This is a cranbury bog no longer used, and been converted to a preserve. I call it Mike's fishing hole because my friend Mike fishes with a good record. I don't think its stocked but perch and sunfish are usaly caught hear. It may not be the best pan fish but fun to catch and releas anyway.
No fish caught today.The weather was nice in the forties, sunny, and cool.The pond and bogs were frozen over so it was a short trip, thank goodness I checked it out befor draging my tackel out their. It is a bit of a walk, maby a quater of a mile. They blocked off the old road so pepole would not take vehicles out their.


No catches reported.



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