neches river

November 29, 2008

Lake Palestine, Texas 11-29-08 06:00 AM ( about 16 hours )

Lenora and me and Buster and his wife Rhonda decided to have a change of venue today. We went to the Neches River that feeds into Lake Palestine. Took our time and went slow due to all the underwater hazards there. Finally got to our destinationin the river and we tied up to a stump. Current was running to one side and the other was calm and shallow. Lenora threw in the shallows and caught the 1st fish of the day and went close to 5lbs. She was so excited! The 3 of us were in the current and I chummed quite a bit out there and after 30 minutes we were all catching fish but, Lenora was hammering them in the shallows. Rhonda started catching the bigger cats in the back and finally Buster was able to do the same in front of the boat. I started fishing the shallows with my wife and we continued to catch the biggest channel cats this year! All of the fish were in the 3-6 lb range. We all lost some bigger fish due to quick hook sets and not allowing the the fish to actually take the baits in their mouths. When this happened the fish were mostly hooked in the whiskers and as you know they like to twist in the water when hooked. Felt so sorry for Buster because his rig got stuck in some cattails and he jerked rather hard and all of the rig came at him with so much force that the weight hit him in the bottom lip and almost went through the inside of his lip. But he was a paratrooper and continued to fish. Think the mustard on his sandwich hurt his lip more than the weight!..haha. He moaned when the mustard hit him..You had to be We caught 67 today and probably had over 180 lbs of catfish in the livewell. The next day we 3 went out and the winds were 30 mph very COLD, but we still caught 24 today 2-6 lb. 2 DAY TOTAL 97 in that one hole we tied up to in the river. Excellent 2 days of fishing with over 200 lbs of channel cats!



97 Kept Channel catfish 3lb 16.0
2 day total 97 channel cats in the 3 -8 lb range. These were the biggest fish we have caught all year long on rod-n-reel only




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