lake palestine

October 25, 2008

Lake Palestine, Texas 10-25-08 06:00 AM ( about 6 hours )

Buster, Rhonda and me went to the same reliable spot we usually go to in the stump field in 24 ft water. We caught the heck out of those channel cats today and had a lot of fun doing it! fISH SEEMED TO BE BITING VERY SOFTLY LIKE BUMP..BUMP...and then they would take it. Used #6 treble hooks and I finally went to a #4 and seemed to be getting better hook sets at least with my poles. Buster continued to catch his fish with the same rig and they were always hooked near the stump we tied up to. Rhonda was in back of the boat and had a successful catch ratio but seemed to miss a lot of the fish. When chumming it seemed to make the fish more aggressive and we all caught them regularly. Had to chum every 30-45 minutes to keep them interested. Good day fishing and again the good Lord blessed and protected us on beautiful Lake Palestine!



62 Kept Channel catfish 1lb 12.0
2 day total 62 catfish




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