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November 30, 2008

Shilshole Bay, Washington 12-03-08 08:00 AM ( about 2 hours )

Took a couple of friends out back to Shilshole. We start trolling almost 8. First pass towards West Point, one of the downriggers snagged on something at the 160' line. The downrigger would pull it up to around 100' before it stops. My buddy and I put the gloves on and start pulling by hand. 1/2 way up, we see a pot bouy float up. We manage to retrieve a really old pot with a half decayed ling cod in it. With the gear saved, we put the gear back down and start trolling again.

However, a few minutes later that downrigger cable breaks, we must have had kinks pulling up by hand. I don't trust that cable so didn't crimp terminal gear on. We fish for another hour stacking 2 rods on my other downrigger. It turns out to be a huge pain as we catch many shakers and tangles, so we give up after a hour.


No catches reported.

Browns Bay, Washington 11-30-08 04:00 PM ( 3 days )

To continue the bad luck, we go back to Browns bay to pull pots that I had left there after Sunday's success. I had huge hopes, but we ended up with just 2 dungies, and about 15 huge starfish.

Note to everyone, don't leave pots there overnight. The starfish gets in, and all the crab leaves.

Overall, a bad day after a string of good ones :(


2 Kept Dungeness crab


Bigger Fish wrote: (over 12 years ago)
Earlybird, I've hit Browns Bay lately as well, the last one was early December. I pulled my pots just after I saw the commercial guys driving away. NOT ONE crab. They raped the area. I won't be back there for a long time...
earlybird wrote: (about 12 years ago)
Oh that sucks :( I can see the pots from my home there too, so I can spot thieves!


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