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2008 Salt Patrol Marlin Tounament

November 6, 2008

East Cape, Baja California Sur 11-06-08 06:00 AM ( about 8 hours )

Last year in November (07) we traveled to East Cape Cabo, in Baja Mexico for the first Salmon U Marlin Tournament. Although we signed on kind of late, I was able to get onboard with some friends. The boat we were signed up for had broken down before we arrived, and we were placed on another boat that was on its last leg. Because this boat also had mechanical problems, we never left sight of the hotel, and didn't fare well in the derby. We were placed on a better boat for the next two days, and got a better taste of the fishing. We finished with 1 Marlin, 4 Sailfish, and a couple of Dorado. Shirley and I had not had a vacation in years. I promised her that we would sign up for 2008 and she could fish this time.
This year the tournament was called the Salt Patrol Marlin Tournament. It was held again at Vanwormers Resort in East Cape Cabo, on the Sea of Cortez. Shirley and I teamed up with another couple, our friends Gil and Sue Bugden from Bamfield BC. This year we stayed an extra 2 days past the 3day tourney, to give us one more day of fishing, and one day to kick around,
Day one of the Tournament I took the first fish, a Striped Marlin estimated at about 120 -130lbs. What a gas! I was amazed by the power, the speed, and the aerobatics of these fish. Unfortunately we didn’t get any pictures. Our crew lost the fish trying to lift it up for the picture. We started trolling again, and within the next hour we had another hookup. It was Gils turn this time, and after a long deep fight, Gil brought our 2nd Marlin to the boat. This one was much larger. The crew estimated this one at about 180lbs.
When we returned to the dock that afternoon, we were surprised to find out that we were in 1st place in the tournament.
Day two we missed 2 Sailfish and then Shirley hooked into her first sailfish. She brought it in from start to finish with a little rod support from yours truly. Our next hookup was a beautiful Dorado, brought in by Sue. We finished the day still on top, but not by much.
Day three we had a Blue Marlin take the closest lure behind the boat twice. He missed the hook both times. Within a few more minutes we had the same thing happen with a Sailfish. This fish stayed on long enough to make some fantastic jumps before he let go of the lure. We went back to trolling and our next fish was another Sailfish. This one stayed on and was released after a quick picture. We returned to the dock to find out we had moved all the way back to 5th Place.
Several of our friends stayed a couple more days past the tournament as we did. On day four the girls stayed on the beach and our friend Tom jumped onboard with Gil and me to target some Yellowfin Tuna. We were about 35 miles offshore chasing Porpoise to find our Tuna. What a bunch of fun! These fish were huge and would take about 15 or 20 backbreaking minutes to bring up. We ended up with 6 of these whoppers. I think only one was less than 30lbs. The next day was spent on the beach with our rented Quad Runners.
We are already signed up, and can’t wait for next year.
A big thank you to John Keizer, Paul Castillo, VanWormers Resort and everyone that helped to make this a great time for everyone.



2 Released Striped marlin
2 Released Sailfish
1 Kept Dolphin
6 Kept Yellowfin tuna


Stumpy wrote: (over 11 years ago)
I am going next year! Looks like a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing the experience!
earlybird wrote: (over 11 years ago)
Hey Mike, how did you fix your photo upload issues? I haven't figured anything out on my end.


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