October 12, 2008

Lake Palestine, Texas 10-12-08 06:00 AM ( about 2 hours )

Buster and his wife Rhonda and I went to the lake again in the same spot and this time we came prepared. Armed with punch bait and this time Chum, the game was on immediately. Threw out 4 cans of chum and the fish were on and the fish were bigger today as they were running 12-16 inch fish and it was a fantastic day. Vertical presentation on bottom and we caught close to 80 or more but kept 60 today. Buster and Rhonda are now firm believers in the punch bait instead of worms..haha!! Wonderful, Fantastic, great fishing day! We plan to go on 10/25/08 same place same time. Also the cats stopped biting when it got dark again. This is puzzling me right now and hope to figure out whats going on and am sure it will take time to get the answer.


60 Kept Channel catfish 2lb 14.0
today caught over 80 but kept 60 channelcats




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