October 11, 2008

Lake Palestine, Texas 10-11-08 06:00 AM ( about 5 hours )

Went with a neighbor of mine named Buster and Rhonda. Very nice couple that are crazy and in love with the outdoors and what it has to offer. Good country folks. We fished the area of 155 bridge and the old stump fields where the Neches river goes through. Very pleasant day and we went to the outside right of the field and tied up to a large tree with a white reflector on it. Noticed when the lines went down they were drifting to the left so I knew we were in the current or near it. Rhonda hung the 1st cat of the day followed by Buster fishing with nightcrawlers. Me myself went with my reliable blood punch bait and the cats were hammering all of my 3 poles and after catching at least 15 cats. I asked both of them would they like to switch baits? They both said YES! SMILE:) Anyway they started catching eventually as they both have never heard or seen anything like punch bait. They were believers within the hour. I felt like a fishing guide since I was sandwitched between the 2 as I was taking fish and rebaiting their lines after each catch. It was very much fun for me seeing them catch those channels on a consistent basis. Anyway the weirdest thing happenned on this day. As soon as it got dark the fish left and quit biting. This occured right at 830 pm. We put out lights and still no fish. Went to different spots with the same result. The graph was showing nada fish everywhere we went.

After catching over 60 fish we kept 45 and the fish were 12 or 13 inch range and we measured every one of em to make sure! Vertical fishing 22-24 ft



45 Kept Channel catfish 1lb 12.0
Out of 60 cats today we kept 45 and they were just the legal size to keep.




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