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Kingston Kings

October 19, 2008

President Point, Washington 10-19-08 07:00 AM ( about 8 hours )


1 Kept Hatchery Chinook salmon 8lb 24.0
I went out yesterday, just south of Kingston, and just north of Jeff Head (closer to Jeff head) and had lines wet at 0700. Had on Silver Horde plugs, with rattles, yellow with orange spatter, and green with red spatter. We were in 90 FOW, and had the plug


earlybird wrote: (almost 12 years ago)
Nice one, looks like the details got cut off. We need to fix that :) When you post a catch, the details part of the catch only allows so many characters. The edit summary button gives you a big almost unlimited edit box. Hope that makes sense!
Bigger Fish wrote: (almost 12 years ago)
Hey,'re a member of PSA Sno-King, aren't you? If so, I also believe you're the one responsible for converting to this website? If so - you ROCK. This is a great website, and I'm totally impressed. There will be glitches to work through for awhile, but dang, what a great idea! Of course it only becomes powerful with a lot of info, but hopefully people will religiously contribute. Thanks for your efforts. Bigger Fish (Brian Leonard) - OUT


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