The Ferry KIng

August 18, 2007

Area 8-2 - Port Susan, Port Gardner, Washington 08-18-07 06:00 AM ( about 2 hours )

Well I should not post this one as it was a native out of season, but it got in the net by mistake. My fishing buddy is new and deaf so he did not hear me sream dont net it!!! I was fishing for pinks at 110 ft in 500ft of water with a white flasher and a pink hootchie. It hit like a freight train and came to the top really fast just like a big silver. Then it cut back and forth behind the boat right on top. On the last run it hit the boat in the side and got netted by my formetioned friend. We snapped a quick pic sent him on his way. It was a great fight.


1 Released Chinook salmon 17lb



Posted by starcrafttom

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