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July 25, 2008

Esperanza Inlet, Washington 07-25-08 04:00 PM ( about 3 hours )

Arrived via Beaver Seaplane @ Port Eliza Inlet on Vancouver Island's West Coast Friday afternoon after about 3 hour flight from Renton and started fishing within an hour after landing with Dennis, 1 of Rodger's Indian guides, headed 5 miles offshore and caught several fish of which I kept a 17-lber. Started fishing the next morning and caught the other 17-lber in the same area. Finished the weekend with the 32-lber and the 29-lber on Sunday morning, all my fish were caught with an anchovy stuffed in a helmet behind a green flasher. What a great way to finish a great trip and the best part; It was all paid for by a corporate sponsor!
Jumped on a Cessna Caravan with floats and arrived back in Renton in 2 hours. Lifestyles of the rich and famous comes to mind! If you plan a trip to Rodgers drop me a line and I will give you some info regarding the lodge and boats. They welcome BYOB (bring your own boat) customers.


1 Kept Chinook salmon 32lb
1 Kept Chinook salmon 29lb
2 Kept Chinook salmon 17lb


Firstmate wrote: (about 12 years ago)
Great trip! Wish I can get a sponsor fishing trip :)


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