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Area 9 King

July 22, 2008

Midchannel Bank, Washington 07-22-08 06:00 AM ( about 1 hour )

Well, I finally got out for the first time this season in the Sound and after paying attention to the advice from PSA members, I managed to find a fish. I started out at PnP in the AM and got bored with the lack of action, so I decided to head to Midchannel Bank. Got there about 9AM and started the troll with my trusty white flasher and a UV Coho Killer. I was fishing by myself, so after I got things straightened out I finished lowering the gear the last 20ft to the bottom. Never made it there. The release popped and it was fish on! It’s been a long time since I’ve had a fish take line away like that and it was GREAT! He finally came up about 100yds behind the boat and jumped and I knew this was going to be fun. After another couple strong runs and some tug of war, I finally got it to the boat, checked the fin, and got it into the net on the first pass. 18lbs on my scale.

I worked in the same area for the next 4 hours and had 5 takedowns, two fish on, and no others to the boat. I missed two of the fish just because I was doing something on the boat and missed the initial strike. I didn’t get this guys big brother, but there was enough action to keep the blood moving. I would love to go back there again, but man it is a long haul from Everett, especially when the wind comes up like it did today.


1 Kept Hatchery Chinook salmon 18lb 33.0
East end of Midchannel Bank.
3 Lost Chinook salmon

Point No Point, Washington 07-22-08 06:00 AM ( about 2 hours )

Fished PnP for about an hour and had no action and didn't see anyone else with fish. I decided to move to Midchannel Bank.


No catches reported.


earlybird wrote: (about 12 years ago)
Nice fat one! White flasher huh? Never tried that one before. I've been having lots of luck with the UV flashers lately...


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