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July 19, 2008

Point No Point, Washington 07-19-08 05:00 AM ( about 5 hours )

Left Edmonds at first light and headed to point no point. Got a nice 8 lb hen on our 2nd pass north of the point while most boats were south. Things seemed to slow down for everyone as the tidechange was around 5:30. We did see a nice fish hooked in a boat right next to us at the tip fo the point. They were real close so Tina turn the boat away while I watched to make sure that we didn't tangle with them.

I turned and our rod is going crazy. Before I can grab it, fish is gone! Darned other boat, was too focused on them to watch my own line. A minute later, that boat comes up to us, and turns out the fish did later RUN and wrap his line around our line. He lost the fish but got the gear back. Sorry dude if you're reading this. We thought we got far enough.

Later we went back north and hooked our nice 13 lb buck at the same place where we got the other one. CindiAnn and Susan E. both picked up fish in that same hole later.

Talked to SPUD on the phone at 10 ish at midchannel where he said he got a 16 and 20, so off we went.


1 Kept Hatchery Chinook salmon 8lb
1 Kept Hatchery Chinook salmon 13lb
1 Lost Chinook salmon

Midchannel Bank, Washington 07-19-08 11:00 AM ( about 4 hours )

Never fished midchannel, but with the hundred or so boats there, it was obvious where the troll line is. So we drop our lines in the water and got our first hit in the first pass. And it was a BIG one. It was peeling line, and Tina handed it off to me when it slowed. It then peeled line again as we spun the boat. I gained a few feet when it stopped, and it took off again. Only this time I feel a bump, and the fish was off. WOW, the last time I remembered that kind of run was off at Blue Dot.

We fish a couple more hours, managed to get a double where we landed the 12 lb, and lost the other. We proceeded to cracker a couple more later. I think I need to reexamine the spoons and their hooks, this year has been a cracker fish year for me. We take off at 1:30 for the 45min run back to Edmonds.


1 Kept Hatchery Chinook salmon 12lb
5 Lost Chinook salmon


Murphy wrote: (over 12 years ago)
Paul, I have had the same problem. I think it's just the nature of small spoons with single, small barbless hooks. I've tried every trick of modifying the hook, and always keep them super-sharp but still lose fish.
earlybird wrote: (over 12 years ago)
I went out and bought some 3/0 siwash open eyes - slighly longer shaft, we'll see if they help.


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