Area 9 Evening fishing

July 17, 2008

PNP, Washington 07-17-08 06:00 AM ( about 2 hours )

We headed out of Everett and dropped our Pots in 8-2 and headed over to PNP.
Lines in the water and within 30 mins Bam!!!! fish on, right on the bottom.
It screamed the reel, Haven't seen that in years. With the flasher in site POOF!! he was gone. I told our boys"That's what keeps you coming back" :) We hooked and relased a number of Doggies and saw a beautiful NW washington Sunset. We stopped and got our Crab pots and had a load. I am cooking crab as I write

Until another day.......


4 Released Dogfish shark
1 Lost Chinook salmon
Never saw it
24 Kept Dungeness crab
11 keepers One pot had 19 in it



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