Sekiu, Salmon Trip

July 5, 2010

Area 5 - Sekiu, Washington 07-05-10 06:00 AM ( about 3 hours )

Fished a short bit early evening at the cave area and landed a 10# hachtery coho, no other strikes. Tues morn at sunrise boated west to area 4 where one chinook wild or hatchery could be kept. Fished in 110' of water gear down to 75' using cut herring with and without flasher, and coyote spoons to catch a 42#, and 36# chinook, plus a 10#, and two 6# coho's; while having all this salmon action we also caught one more 30+ chinook to release and 14 Rock fish, sea bass, and Ling Cod, a tremendous day of fishing for 4 people. On Wed we went back to this same area for no action, wind came up and a weather system blew through, that evening out from Sekui Marina's landed a nice 12# Coho. Fished 3 hours thursday morn before checking out of motel and driving home and we caught one more 10# Coho. . . . .


9 Kept Hatchery Chinook salmon 40lb


trigliceridos wrote: (over 8 years ago)
nice report


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