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Westport June 19 2010 Wow!!

June 19, 2010

Area 2 - Westport, Washington 06-19-10 06:00 AM ( about 2 hours )

At 5:00am Saturday we hear that now familiar announcement"Good Morning Westport" and the sound of the engines starting and the roar of Diesel engines.
We headed out over the bar for the fertile grounds off Westport. We arrive at our fishing spot giving to us by Murphy the night before and drop our baits. Within 20 mins bam fish on and we are off to the races. The first fish screams line off and we know it is a king. Jean was up next and she patiently fights a long battle and our first 2 fish are right at 18 pounds. All told the first day we hooked 18 fish and had it not been for losing 2 fish early we would have limited and been on our way in at 10:30am. Jean, Cyndi, Ron, and I all had shots at a number of fish. We had one double and Jean and Cyndi handled the two fish like pros. Ron and I handled the boat and the net and got both fish. By 12:30 we had limited, call a few other boat over and they too got fish. Our best baits were the UV Irish Cream and UV Cookies and Cream spoons along with a Gold star green and black hoochie. Fish depths were 70 to 120ft 50-60 inch leaders on the spoons and 42 inches on the hoochie. All but 1 of the 8 fish from day one were over 14lbs

Sunday was a different story the bar was rough and the run out was tough. We arrived at our spot from the day before and nothing for a while. Then the Hoochie goes off again. After a great fight a 17.5 pound fish goes in the box.
We worked hard and fishing was tough. We hit another fish and after a long fight we released a nice native, then another then another. 3 Natives a row and all nice fish. after 2 small shakers we head south. We decided to give it another 45 mins and head in if nothing happened. Shortly after that Ron puts out a white lightning Coho killer behind a deep 6 and add a little sun and Fish on. We release another shaker put the deep 6 back out and Bam! another. Shoot!! another native but another nice fish. Ron puts out another Coho killer behind a flasher and minutes after that "holy Cow" what a strike. and Cyndi is on the fight. After a long fight and sore arms the fish succumbs to "Guns Lanier" this one is a keeper. A nice 14 lbs June King
Day 2, 9 fish and 3 keepers. We added the UV White Lighting Coho killers to our arsenal. What a trip. 27 total fish and 11 keepers


11 Kept Hatchery Chinook salmon


Jimbo wrote: (over 10 years ago)
What's for dinner?
fishy 5 wrote: (over 9 years ago)
those are some nice salmon


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