Dude! Why'd you move the boat?

May 8, 2010

Indian Arm, British Columbia 05-08-10 06:00 AM ( about 2 hours )

Went crabbin' and fishing with Morteza. First we started with a dead battery. We went to the same place last time and tried out our homemade mast buoy. Really shines in heavy weather as you can see it from a long way off.
My mesh trap seems to out fish morteza's metal cage.
On the first soak I got 10 and morteza got one. The second soak I got another 10 and morteza got none.
Later, around 8:00p, as I was waiting for Morteza to come back with the trailer, these dudes came into the dock with their Hindi music cranked aboard their high performance ski boat. They proceeded to pull in to the right side of the dock were it's shallow. The one dude who owns the boat goes off to fetch his trailer.
When he arrives at the ramp dude 2 precedes to drive the boat out into mud were he gets stuck a couple hundred yards from the dock and from the shore. Boat guy yells to dock guy "Dude! What do I do now? Ya gotta tell me!"
Dock guy is hollerin' "Dude! Why did you move the boat?"
Boat guy: “Dude, I’m serious! What do I do?”
Dock guy: Dude. You’re wrecking my propeller! Why’d you move the boat?”
Shore guy (Me)*Quietly*: “Dude you got a license?”
Didn't wanna get beat up. Dock guy was very angry!

This went on for a good 15 minutes. Morteza pulled me away as he was done washing the boat and was ready to go. My stomach was sore from laughing so hard. I wonder how long they bickered at each other untill the tide came high enough to float their boat. Will that guy ever take his friend out boating again? Will I ever find my hoochie book? plus my dodgers and flashers?


2 Kept Dungeness crab 6.5
Why is it that my mesh trap outfishes Morteza's metel trap. Caught 10 at 3:30p and Mort Caght 2. Then at 6:45p I caught 10 more and poor old Mort Get nothing!! I got me a Shiner Perch on a XL4 Crome buxx Bomb at Rocky point pier while waiting for Mo



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