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Neah Bay Salmon

July 1, 2008

Umatilla Reef, Washington 07-01-08 06:00 AM ( about 7 hours )

A buddy and I went out to Snow Creek to fish Neah Bay Tuesday and Wednesday. The weather was great and the seas very calm, so Tuesday we motored down to Umatilla Reef and started looking for fish. Started at around 240ft of water and didn't hit a thing for several hours. Next we tried closer in and that wasn't working either, so we headed deeper. Finally stopped around 300ft and started trolling. After a while we had our first fish in the boat and it was a beautiful 13lb king. Not the biggest fish in the ocean, but we were happy to have it after searching so long. We eventually picked up another king almost exactly the same size and two very nice silvers at about 9 lbs. We ended up releasing a couple unmarked silvers, but the biggest turned out to be legal. The fish came at depths ranging from 20 to 80ft, and either whole herring, plugs, or Coyote spoons. The fish checker at Neah Bay told us that it had been very slow Tuesday and that we were only the second boat with even clost to a limit they had seen. The other one came in abut 6:30 AM after fishing around Tatoosh.

Once we finished with the salmon limits, we headed inshore and picked up a handfull of very large copper rockfish, some black rockfish, and a small ling and cabazon

Wednesday was different. The weather was even better except for fog. We headed back to the same area and it was dead. Nothing. Searched around and still couldn't find a fish. Decided to bag it there and started trolling north back toward home and eventually landed two smaller silvers and lost a couple. My buddy picked up a ling on a rod that was about 20ft deep in about 100ft of water.

In all a fine trip. The weather was just great for motoring out there, we found some fish, and enjoyed the folks at Snow Creek. Most of the reports we heard were that it was starting out pretty slow, with some fish being caught near Waddah and the other decent area was Umatilla. Looks like that can change from day to day too. I hope it picks up for the folks going out on the 4th.


2 Kept Hatchery Chinook salmon 13lb
2 Kept Hatchery Coho salmon 9lb


earlybird wrote: (almost 13 years ago)
Nice one. Water looks great!


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