Trophy Crab?

April 26, 2010

Indian Arm, British Columbia 04-26-10 11:30 AM ( about 5 hours )

Morts mom came with us. Had trouble getting boat off the trailer, Morteza somehow painted the hull to the bunks. When to drop off the crab traps, I was eager to try out my home made mast bouy. proublem is it fell over and started to slowly sink. I think it needs a lot more weight on the bottom to keep the flag upright. Soaked the traps for 5 hours. Bait was chicken at 67 ft.
In the meantime Morteza showed me a camp of sorts at twin islands. However is that piticular Island we docked at called "Sea Brown Island"? After lunch of chicken, we headed further up Indian Arm to the 'ol power houses where I mooched with my new mooching rod and reel. Well the reel is old but the rod is new. Used the tru-roll lure that they say can be mooched.
Wind picked up at around 3:00p, big two foot swells coming head on as we tried to make it back to the traps. we was fish at 50',70' and 116'.

Mort caught 4 crabs and I caught 10. Biggest ones were 6.6 inches and my trophy crab came in at 7 1/3 inches.


1 Kept Dungeness crab 6.5
My home made mast bouy didn't work. Need more weight.
1 Kept Dungeness crab 7.25
Trophy crab? Perhaphs we should do what they do on "Deadlist catch and use a hook and line.



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