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Weekend in PT

February 15, 2010

Area 9 - Admiralty Inlet, Washington 02-15-10 06:00 AM ( about 2 hours )

Cyndi and I decided we would spend Valentines Day enjoying the boat up in PT. We wanted to do a pre-trip prior to May. Had a blast. 1hr 15mins up and 1hr and 20 home. great run as you can see by the pics. Fished Mid channel on Sunday at the 10:30 tide change and nothing, nada. I talked to a local who has had much sucess on the bank and he said he had not touched a fish in 3 wks. We had fun though. See you up there in May. They are excited that we,the club,are coming back at pt Hudson


0 Kept Chinook salmon


Stumpy wrote: (about 11 years ago)
Nice to see a trip from you! way to go! I need to get out on the water!
Full Freezer wrote: (about 11 years ago)
I had been waiting for someone to post a new trip! Your Luhrs looks great!


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