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2005 Blackmouth Derby

November 19, 2005

Double Bluff , Washington 11-19-05 07:00 AM ( about 5 hours )

Started on the northeast end of double bluff. For the next few hours, there wasn't a boat within sight of us (see the fog?). And we got lucky. David started off with a nice ~7lb blackmouth, followed by Chris with a small one we released (the limit is 1 a person). I'm next, and this fish is running! A few minutes later, we eased this 9lb dressed Blackmouth into the boat.

Later, we also released a couple more small ones. A thing to note, all 5 hookups came on David's bottom stack rod with whole herring.


1 Kept Chinook salmon 9lb 1.0oz
1 Kept Chinook salmon 7lb

Possession Point , Washington 11-19-05 06:00 AM ( about 1 hour )

First time fishing a derby and first time fishing for Blackmouth for me period. Had David and Chris (PSA members - both new at Blackmouth) on board and we headed out to Possession. Right off the bat, we snag both downriggers on the bottom. We manage to free them, but one snapped off when it came up and hit the boom. So we fish with 3 rods, 2 stacked on the downrigger, and one on a diver. Wanting to get away from the rocks, we head to Double Bluff.


No catches reported.



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