Midchannel Bank is at the north end of Admiralty Inlet, and marks the north end of Marine Area 9. edit

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Xsmall 2008-07-22 Area 9 King
Midchannel Bank | Point No Point | Washington Well, I finally got out for the first time this season in the Sound and after paying attention to the advice from PSA members, I managed to find a fish. I started out at PnP .... (continued)
5691 views 1 Comment Report by: David - <span class='perm_shared with Everyone'>shared with Everyone</span>

Xsmall 2008-07-19 PSA Members King Derby
Point No Point | Midchannel Bank | Washington Left Edmonds at first light and headed to point no point. Got a nice 8 lb hen on our 2nd pass north of the point while most boats were south. Things seemed to slo.... (continued)
3276 views 2 Comments Report by: earlybird - <span class='perm_shared with Everyone'>shared with Everyone</span>

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