• Eastside PSA


    The Eastside Chapter of Puget Sound Anglers exists to enhance the opportunities for sport fishing through educational, scientific, governmental and other activities consistent with the preservation and enhancement of fisheries resources.  We work for the benefit of our members, affiliated organizations, and others in the recreational fishing community who share our view that common sense and good science is critical to the proper management of our fishery resources. 

    We are part of an organization of independent chapters, with the common goal of preserving, protecting and enhancing the sport Fisheries of Washington State.

    Each chapter of Puget Sound Anglers is independent in nature but shares a common mission with the State Board.  As the State Board, Members of each chapter of Puget Sound Anglers come together to assist in forming new chapters, promote membership and fosters communication among chapters regarding projects of interest to all chapters.


    Eastside PSA is one of the newer chapters in Washington. Our chapter is now going on eight (8) strong years and growing every year! As a newly formed chapter we take advantage of the benefits which comes with being a small sized charter. It goes without saying that discussions are highly participatory and club decisions are ratified quickly; meaning if a critical change for the club is needed,  it happens! Moreover, any member is welcome to come listen in on our monthly Board Meetings.   The bottom line means you’re part of a close-knit community of folks which fuels camaraderie, friendship, and hopefully a life-long fishing partner!