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Nautical Clock Garage Sale Find

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So over the weekend, I stopped by a few garage sales in Hood Canal after I went to Shrimpfest, and there was an older guy who happened to be selling some nautical equipment. He said that he used to own a bar that was nautical themed, and no longer had any need for the decor that was in his bar. Whats funny is that he had a small table, with about 10 things on it, and nothing else. I think he was just bored and found random things in his house to sell. On his table were 2 clocks, and the other items were homemade bar signs. He wanted $5 for one clock, which i bought, but there was a heavy brass clock that he wanted $50. I thought that was too much for the clock, so i decided against it, and went to the garage sale at the house next to him. As I was walking back to my car, I decided I wanted the clock, but someone else was looking at it. That person ended up not buying the clock and walked away. So I picked it up, and told the guy I only had $40 left on me, and he accepted the cash.

Once I got home, I did a simple google search on the clock, and about crapped my pants from reading everything on the clock. It was a Chelsea clock!. Seems like i got the steal of a life time. From what I can tell, the clock is Pre WWI and the serial number is 92363. However, that’s about the only information I can find on it. Also the clock is not working, but the seller said it worked last year, he just had not wound up the clock in a while.

Whats interesting is that the clock says “Northwest Instruments Co, Seattle, WA” on it. So I am thinking they were the original purchasers from Chelsea, as Chelsea engraved or painted the names of the companies on the dials that purchased the clock. Also, I looked on google to see if I could find any history of this company or what ship this clock could have been on, but there is nothing. I was hoping someone in PSA might be able to point me in the right direction of where to I could potentially find some historical information on it. Does anyone know if we have a nautical historical museum or society in Washington?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You might try the MOHAI museum, just a guess…