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PSA Sno-King member Arnie Wright passes away

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Arnie Wright was a great member that moved to Arizona and was great friends with Stacey and Jim Howard as well as the rest of us. I cannot upload his picture for some reason but this was the post that was on facebook. He was the nicest, kindest guy in the world and will be missed. This is from his wife.

I’m sorry to have to share this with all of you that loved Arnie. He went to be with our Lord yesterday 1/1/21 from Covid. We both got sick with it shortly after Thanksgiving. As you know, we moved to Tennessee on August 19th to enjoy our final years with our dear friends Frank and Shirley Galladora. The four of us were so looking forward to enjoying the pleasures of life. We left his family, and my son on the west coast which also made this so difficult for them too. Please keep them all in our hearts and prayers.
Arnie had no idea how special he was to almost everyone he met. He and I met 14 years ago on 1/6/07 and married on 10/6/07. I have always said that he was my gift from God, but I now believe that we were God’s gift to each other. We both had difficult and challenging pasts but we both were able to heal together, become soul mates and had the most amazing life together for 13 short years. I still have difficulty accepting this but I wouldn’t give up these last 13 years for anything. He has changed my life forever, and I pray that he will help guide me through the rest of mine. RIP my sweetheart