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The Seahawks tried to get officials

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Pittsburgh to pick up a defensive pass interference flag at the goal line early in the second quarter Zach Gentry Jersey , but their effort failed.Their effort to stop James Conner on the ensuing play failed as well. The Steelers running back plunged into the end zone and Pittsburgh took a 7-0 lead over the visiting side.Linebacker Mychal Kendricks was flagged for interfering with Jaylen Samuels on a pass down the sideline. There appeared to be contact from Samuels in addition to anything Kendricks did during the play, but there’s a belief that the league is only looking for replay to overturn egregious missed calls in either direction and the call on the field went against Seattle.Both defenses had been firmly in control of the game before Conner’s touchdown, which was set up by a T.J. Watt strip and fumble recovery by Mark Barron. Barron returned the fumble for a touchdown Chris Lindstrom Jersey , but an illegal block penalty on Sean Davis forced the Steelers to work a little harder for the score. Of the ten greatest quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL, only two of them, Peyton Manning and John Elway were selected with the first overall pick in the first round of the NFL Draft. Almost all the great ones were passed on by multiple teams and often times by EVERY team in the NFL before someone decided to take a chance on them. Which means every team regrets missing their opportunity to grab a great quarterback. But what would have happened if those great quarterbacks would not have slipped and slid down the draft boards and a team with some foresight and daring had taken a chance on them earlier. Where would some of the later round gems ended up if teams could have another chance to draft one of these guys? The answer will not always be the first possible team with the first possible pick because different circumstances each year influence any team’s decisions. Our estimations will assume a player that dropped in the draft did so for good reasons and as a result they probably would not have gone in the first round anyway if they slipped all the way to let’s say , the fourth. But based on the needs of the teams at the time, and who else those teams did select, among other factors Kendall Sheffield Jersey , we will determine the 15 star QBs who were drafted late and where they shoulda, coulda, woulda went if only front offices were a little bit smarter.