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Custom weight crab / shrimp pot weights

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Now offering custom-weight crab / shrimp pot weights. $2.20 pound, made to order.

Any size can be made, from 4 to 15 pound per weight; come with zip ties to lock them to the bottom of your pot. These are new weights, essentially made using an over-sized dive weight mold, but with an added option…

As many are aware, commercial crab and shrimp pots typically come with zincs installed – both the reduce corrosion and also to electrically deaden the trap so as not to shy the shellfish off.

These weights can be molded for threaded zincs which I have on hand, with each weight holding one or two zincs. Zincs are just $3.00 each – no extra charge for molding the with the threading in place if you purchase one or more zincs.

Get that extra edge out there this year and make your pot electrically transparent to the shellfish – and increase it’s longevity at the same time!

Ping me for any additional details or to place your order. I can be reached here through the PM system, or for faster service just email me at Thanks!