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Cannonballs ($2/#), rectangular weights ($2.75/#) and downrigger balls, 8 to 15 #

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Back by popular demand…

1. Cannonball prices just dropped to a mere $2 / pound again…
2. An 8-lb downrigger weight size has been added – great for those sockeye trips!
3. Prices also lowered on rectangular weights as well as pipe jigs!

How to reach me…
If you are interested in any of the items below (downrigger weights, cannonballs, pipe jigs or cod weights) please send me a message here on the site or email me at Your email will typically be responded to within 1 to 4 hours. Your message sent on the site typically will be responded to within 24 to 48 hours as this time of year I’m usually working away on gear.



8 lb finned $15 NEWLY ADDED

10 lb finned $17

12 lb finned $20

15 lb finned $25

10 lb fish-shaped down rigger weights $21 Note: Fish-shaped weights have a tunable tail which allows you to turn them away from your boat to reduce tangles and help cover slightly more water. The fish-shaped weights are also increasingly popular for stealth presentations such as fresh water sockeye fisheries.


Heavy Cannon Ball Sizes

By popular demand, now just $2 / pound again! This is wayyy below half retail at most shops!
1 lb. (16 oz) $ 2
1 1/4 lb. (20 oz) $ 2.50
1 1/2 lb. (24 oz) $ 3
2 lb. (32 oz) $ 4
2 1/2 lb. (40 oz) $ 5
3 lb. (48 oz) $ 6

Light Cannon Ball Sizes (priced as follows)
2 oz $ 0.65
3 oz $ 0.75
4 oz $ 0.85
5 oz $ 0.95
6 oz $ 1.25
8 oz $ 1.40
10 oz $ 1.60
12 oz $ 1.80

COD / HALIBUT RECTANGULAR WEIGHTS, also dropped to just $2.75 / pound

These are a popular style as they don’t tend to roll like cannonballs (no false strikes) and tend to hold bottom a little better.
1 lb. $ 2.75
2 lbs. $ 5.50
3 lbs. $ 8.25
4 lbs. $ 11
5 lbs $ 13.75

All all are built the old fashioned way, done right. No cheesy plated sinker look-a-like knock offs; these are built with real copper pipe so they have enough dissimilar metal to generate the electric charge needed, which is what makes pipe jigs so effective.
- Terminal gear (split rings, barrel swivels, etc.) are typically 250# test or greater
- U.S.-made, high-strength split rings
- Stainless cotter pins are hot-poured in place for optimum connectivity electrically
- Mustad trebles
- All jigs include a free glow in the dark squid / hoochie.

Don’t get stuck using a size someone else thought should work for you – all pipe jigs are available in 1/4 pound increments from 8 oz all the way to 4 3/4 pounds!

1/2" Pipe Jigs $14

Sizes: 8, 12 or 16 oz

3/4" PIPE JIGS $20
Sizes: 1 1/2 to 2 3/4 pounds

Sizes: 2 1/2 lbs. up to a whopping 4 3/4 lbs.!
Yup, If you really need to go really, really deep (say from around the 325-foot range to 600 or more, you’ll probably want a 1" pipe jig. Some folks prefer these to the 3/4" jigs as well for the 2.75- to 3.25-pound range as it gives the fish a shorter, fatter target to strike and better hookup ratios.

Thanks for looking and message me here on the site or you can email me any time at



I have been looking for a good place to get downrigger balls at a reasonable price and it appears that I have found it! I would like to purchase two 15# downrigger balls. Are there any more available? Please contact me via email or via phone (425)260-9518. I am also interested in some cannon ball weights specifically 8, 10, 12 oz. Could you also give me a price on these? (I will need probably a dozen of each)




Hey Leadmolder!

You ever make lead pot weights similar to these?

I have a few and have really liked ’em.


Hey guys – my apologies on not replying sooner – what a crazy few months. Two surgeries and fortunately a fair share of fish later (and a whole lot of weights), I’m starting to catch my breath again. Hopefully I’ve met many up here at the monthly meetings – in fact I was introduced to the Sno-King PSA chapter by a certain someone who will go unnamed… for the moment :) – who was coming by to pick up some weights!

On to the questions:

- kds_3_31: I’ll definitely give you a belated email – thanks for your interest and sure do, have plenty of the ones you mentioned available.

- IrishRogue: I haven’t made the 3-sided; I’m actually working on reworking a mold desiged for the oversized divers weights – with a single flat side for mounting on the bottom of the trap. They can be made from 4 up to 15 pounds in fact – and I am working through a way now to have the finished weight tapped 3/8 – 16 to allow installation of removeable zincs that I carry,

The goal is to provide the average sports fisherman an option to run zincs on his pots just as the commercial guys do. It will both dampen the voltage (which can potentially make the shellfish wary of your pot) and to reduce corrosion (thereby extending your pots life.)

The mold still needs a bit of cleanup work to release smoothly but I’m getting close. I simply didn’t have the time to finish it up while producing the downrigger balls, etc. this season. Now that’s it’s starting to slow down a little, I’m looking forward to getting back on it. I’ll definitely post some pictures when the weights are ready. They will be for sale with and without the zinc/s (you can install up to 2 per weight, with the pot weights likely to be priced at $2 per pound – made to whatever weight you’d like – and the zincs will be another $4.50 per zinc. Since they can be made up to 15 pounds, they should work well even for those daring souls that wish to run shrimp pots in the San Juans :)

As always, feel free to ping me anytime at:

…with any questions or if you’d like to order any of the items I make.

Have a great one out there everyone and I hope to see you at the next meeting!


For those who are gearing up for this year’s halibut and ling cod, lots of lead left! :)


Prices just lowered on…

1. Cannonball sinkers

2. Retangular sinkers

3. Pipe jigs in most sizes

…And a new 8# downrigger weight size also has been added

Time to get ready for our halibut and ling season! :)