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Michigan Wheel 011003 propeller for sale

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Fits Johnson, Evenrude and OMC.

OEM Price: $122.99

Prop Specifications:

SKU: 011003
Pitch: 17”
Diameter: 13-1/4”
Blades: 3
Rotation: Standard
Material: Aluminum

Propeller Notes – If currently using uncupped propeller, use cupped propeller having 2 less pitch. Boats with power trim use same pitch.

It fits like your old prop.
It performs better than your old prop.
It costs less than your old prop.
And it’s backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Michigan Wheel has been making props for almost 100 years, longer than some OEMs have been making motors.
Every prop is thoroughly inspected to make certain it meets rigid quality standards.
This 100 year commitment to quality and performance is the reason more boat owners pick a Michigan Wheel replacement propeller than all other brands combined.

The highest-grade aluminum is used on Michigan Match propellers. The tighter grain and compact molecular structure of the metal in Michigan Match props make them far less brittle, far less likely to break. It also makes them easily repairable by a qualified repair facility.

Special Features:

Naval brass spindle
Rubber cushioned hub (Absorbs impact and the stress caused by shifting gears.)
Rubber bushing (Designed to spin free under significant impact, protecting you lower unit)
Limited lifetime warranty


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