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Site Functionality TODO list

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Now that the site plumbing is upgraded to the latest software out there, I’m starting to tackle my todo list.

Thought I’d share my todo list. If there’s other features you want to see, post them here!!

Improve account creation process so people signing up to a group isn’t confused.
Integrate with paypal for group membership fees
Hide Fisharc navigation for large groups
Allow domains by group like
Remove friends list, allow people to create their own groups or circles
Allow sharing of photos between pages in a group.
Make expired accounts auto-expire and remove access.
Allow spreadsheet upload to extend and expire accounts.

Make event link to calendar
Add all day events
Allow copying of events

Allow sharing of photos between pages in a derby.
Make uploaded weigh-in photos not be in the derby album.
Fix division page not working.
Re-add weight distribution charts

, sign-up:
Hook up with FB and TWITTER and GOOGLE logins
Use captcha to prevent spam accounts
Allow change email

Photo albums:
Improve layout, change caption to be tooltip, allow edit caption on album page
Create tagging

Full text search!
Change photo picker to allow navigation through your albums
Remove politics section now that we have a calendar

Measure distance tool
Save your private map locations

Trips & locations:
Massive redo
Change create trip to not require adding locations fished.
Simply pinpoint on map, and write how you did there.
Let users add locations like FB.


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