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Is this piece easy to replace?

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On vacation in Sea Isle City, NJ and spending the mornings fishing for flounder and the evenings with the famil. Yesterday I was out in Townsends inlet and the outgoing tide was cranking. Hobie was battling hard which I love. In the old days of paddling, I would have to head for shore, but not with the mirage drive.

Well, heard a clunk and my left foot slipped forward as I was being sucked toward the bridge. After getting away from the bridge I noticed my left pedal had moved from my typical setting of 6 to 7. I moved it back to 6 but it wouldn’t stay.

After getting back, I noticed the plastic had given way between 5-6-and 7 where the adjustment pin goes through. Really bummed.

I picked this kayak up new in March 2009, is it still covered under waranty? Is this piece easy to replace?

Please help.

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