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Adventure as a fishing platform

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After paying the extortion monies Uncle Sam demanded of me this year I finally have the $ to purchase my second kayak and have my eye on an Adventure. Due to other obiligations (and depending if the yellow bit is WFO) I probably will not have the opportunity to test peddle one for about three weeks or so. I would appreciate input (plus or minus) on the Adventure as a fishing platform on the big water. I do not mind a wet ride. After all kayaking is a watersport no matter what you are doing on it and if you don’t like to get wet… you might as well stay home. The only thing I would have to compare it to is a Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 which I think is a good yak but I have seen guys being mobile with their rod in their hand and have been kind of jealous. Noticed minimal area to mount equipment like FF, rod holders, etc. Any photos of equipment mounting would be FANTASTIC! Looking forward to becoming part of the Hobie family.

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