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I am fairly new to kayak fishing and the Marige Drive system. As much as I love the kayaks, I am having a hard time adapting my fishing technique to what I think might either be something I am doing wrong, or maybe even an oversight by Hobie?Historically in my personal pontoon or my belly boat I have been able to troll with 2 rods at the same time. No this is not a line tangle question nor do I want to even go there…I hold both rods out to the side and use my fins to steer and keep me tracking in a straight line.Is it me, or am I the only one who thinks the Pro Angler 12 has a mind of it’s own if you don’t always have one hand on the rudder toggle? Can the Pro Angler track straight for longer than 50 feet in perfect conditions if you don’t have a hand on the rudder?Looking forward to hearing from those of you who have much more time on the water than I do.

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