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Sprectra Line on Downriggers

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Hi Everyone,
Here’s a report,
I just swapped the stainless line on my downriggers with spectra last Saturday, and went out on 8-2 yesterday and tried the new setup out. I have to admit, I was nervous the first half of the day. I couldn’t see how this spectra could be strong enough, even if it is rated for 200#. But by the end of the day my faith had grown a little and I was enjoying the benefits of using spectra over stainless. Here are the highlights I think are advantages:
1) The spectra I chose is blue, and a lot easier to see. That helped keeping the downrigger line away from the trolling motor a little easier.
2) The noise from letting the stainless in and out was gone. No more grinding and popping as the line traveled through the metal guide on my downriggers and settled into the plastic pullies.
3) It’s easier on my hands. When I needed to grab the line to bring the ball aboard or place it overboard the spectra felt better on my bare hands. I could have used gloves with the stainless, but for some reason I don’t wear gloves much when I’m fishing.
4) Less stress. No matter how hard I tried, it seemed there was always some part of the stainless sticking out trying to poke me as I handled it. With the spectra I stopped worrying about it.
I suppose the electrolysis issue is gone now. But I don’t think I’ve ever REALLY ever bought into the theory. As an electrical engineer for 30 years, it doesn’t add up in my mind. I admit that in theory and in reality electrolysis is occuring with dis-similar metals in salt water, but I reject the part of the theory that it is significant and affects a salmon.
Well, there’s my report. By the way, I didn’t get bit all day, nor did any other boat near me or returning to the launch. So I haven’t anything to say about whether the change over affects my fishing success!


One thing I’ve done add enough tuna cord on the end to leave the ball in the water. The knot tying the tuna cord to the braid triggers the downrigger stop so you don’t have to use any beads. Also the cord is much, much easier on the hands vs the braid. It would be worth researching the amount of line up can put on your spools as I had too much. Ended up with a broken spool.