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The Seahawks needed contributions from just about everyone

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on their roster in order to snatch a 27-24 overtime win over the 49ers on Monday night [url= Hill Color Rush Jersey[/url] , including a wide receiver who was playing his first game for the team.Josh Gordon joined the Seahawks as a waiver claim on November 1 and had a week of practice with the team before entering the lineup in Santa Clara. He would wait until late in the fourth quarter to make his first catch, but it came in a big spot.Gordon caught a pass from Russell Wilson and gained 13 yards on a third-and-six to continue a drive that ended with a Jason Myers field goal. Wilson looked Gordon’s way on another third down in overtime and Gordon picked up 14 yards on his second and final catch of the night.“Josh Gordon has been a great addition to our team,” Wilson said in his postgame press conference. “We have a lot of great receivers and a lot of guys who can catch the football and make plays. He made some huge, huge catches today on third downs. He had the one slant to the right and I think another on the left. Just some of the plays he was making with confidence on big third downs to continue drives. He was great. He had a great week. It’s great to have him on our football team.”Gordon last played with the Patriots in Week Six [url= Thomas Color Rush Jersey[/url] , but said his experience made it easier to hit the ground running and that he’s looking forward to expanding on the chemistry he appears to have with Wilson already. The Seahawks face the Cowboys on Saturday night in Arlington, Texas. For Seattle, which is 4-4 this year away from Seattle, that presents a challenge beyond not playing in one of the loudest venues in all of sports.Seahawks coach Pete Carroll addressed on Thursday the unique challenge of playing in the House That Jerry Built.“I think their scoreboard may get in the way of the sound — bounces back at you or something [url= Sweezy Color Rush Jersey[/url] , I don’t know,” Carroll told reporters. “It’s a real glitzy place, you know? When you come out of a football locker room ready to play football and you go into a night club — it’s kind of like we’re in the club, then wait a minute [url= Jefferson Color Rush Jersey[/url] , you’ve got to play ball. Then you come back through the club and they’re all . . . anyways, it’s unusual. Then they’re right there with you too. Those people that are sitting behind us, I don’t know how they see the game. It doesn’t look like they care, they’re having such a good time. It’s an unusual place.”Others have privately expressed to PFT respect for the extent to which the Cowboys use their unusual place to create legitimate but useful distractions [url= Johnson Color Rush Jersey[/url] , from noise to spotlights to the proximity of Cowboys fans to creating the feeling that they’re in something other than a football stadium getting ready to play a football game.