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After Sunday’s road loss to the New England Patriots

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[url=]... John Brown Jerseys[/url] , the Buffalo Bills have virtually solidified their spot as third in the AFC East. If Buffalo wins next week against the Miami Dolphins or the New England Patriots beat the New York Jets, Buffalo will stay at third.The Denver Broncos are also locked in the third spot in the AFC West and the Bills will host them at New Era Field in 2019 if Buffalo finished third.Next week, the Indianapolis Colts and the Tennessee Titans will battle it out for a playoff spot as the second team in the AFC South—which means the Bills will travel to the loser of that game next season if they finish in third. Along with the AFC West and AFC South opponent, the Bills will play the NFC East and the AFC North divisions for the 2019 season. Since the 2000 season, this is the 15th (!) time that the Bills finished third or fourth in the AFC East. Editor’s note: an earlier version of this article said the Bills had clinched the third spot. The full Madden ratings have been released, and a certain player with a reputation for being a tad sensitive may not be happy with the number he received.Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers [url=]... Brown Jerseys Stitched[/url] , who last year was one of seven players to get a game-high 99, has fallen all the way to 90.Still the No. 1 quarterback in the opinion of Chris Simms, Rodgers lands at No. 7 in the assessment of the folks at EA, behind Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes (97), Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (96), Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers (94) [url= Bruce Smith Jerseys[/url] , Saints quarterback Drew Brees (92), Colts quarterback Andrew Luck (92), and Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (91).Other quarterbacks who may have beef with his Madden rating include Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (89), Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan (85), Panthers quarterback Cam Newton (84), Rams quarterback Jared Goff (83) [url= Smith Jerseys Stitched[/url] , Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson (82), and Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky (75).Also, Raiders quarterback Derek Carr has an 80, which could be enough to get Carr to block the official Madden account on Twitter.Others of note: Giants quarterback Eli Manning has a 72, Jaguars quarterback Nick Foles landed at only 77, Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson got a 76 [url=]2019 Ed Oliver Jersey[/url] , and Jets quarterback Sam Darnold and Bills quarterback Josh Allen each received paltry 74s.The NFC North’s quarterbacks got it particularly rough, from Rodgers’ 90 to Trubisky’s 75 to Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins getting an 81 to Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford earning a 79 — the same rating as Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota.While the game designers clearly hope to create separation, the current golden age of quarterbacks justifies more players getting higher ratings than they received. Check out the full list of quarterback ratings here.