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Things are going to be slightly different when football begins again in 2019."The coaches and general managers are all out in Arizona hamming it up at some desert spa resort because they are conducting super secret official NFL business. During these spring meetings the NFL competition committee gathers around the camp fire and votes on proposed rule changes. This year there are five of them. This information is from the Los Angeles Chargers official team site. 1.) By Competition Committee; Makes permanent the kickoff rule changes that were implemented during the 2018 season.2.) By Competition Committee. It redefines a blindside block as it is a foul if a player initiates a block in which he is moving toward or parallel to his own end line and makes forcible contact to his opponent with his helmet [url= Howard Houston Texans Jersey[/url] , forearm, or shoulder. It also points out that a player may initiate forcible contact inside the tackle box, but is subject to the crackback and “peel back” block restrictions.3.) By Competition Committee; Simplifies the application of scrimmage kick rules for missed field goals.4.) By Competition Committee; Simplifies the application of scrimmage kick rules for missed field goals.What it does: Scrimmage kick rules apply if a Team B player touches a missed field goal attempt in the end zone before the ball touches the ground, or when either team recovers the ball behind the line of scrimmage.5.) By Competition Committee; Allows teams to elect to enforce on the succeeding try or on the succeeding free kick an opponent’s personal or unsportsmanlike conduct foul committed during a touchdown.The league is also going to permit coaches to challenge pass interference penalties for the 2019 season. There you have it. These are the conditions teams will be playing under in 2019. The AFC South is traditionally an afterthought in the NFL. There are no storied rivalries that draw in fans of other teams. There are no quarterbacks who can and have captured national headlines with their play on the field. There is one Superb Owl title in the AFC South franchises’ combined 167 years of existence. But today [url= Smith Jersey[/url] , the Texans get to take on the Jaguars in a matchup that will be seen most of Texas, Tennessee, and large chunks of Florida (Indiana will be watching the Colts likely get curb stomped by the Bills). This game pits two teams that are in the middle of the pack in NFL rankings (except the Jags’ D, which is ranked 5th). At the end [url= Thomas Jersey[/url] , this may well be a game decided by defensive players. The Jags’ D was essential in their run last season, and will likely further assault Deshaun Watson throughout the game. The Texans’ D remains a vital part of the team’s identity, with Romeo Crennel’s men often being tasked with addressing the shortcomings of O’Brien’s offense.This is where we’re at until the action starts. What are you thinking you’ll see today? Will D4 be running for his life? Will JJ and JD pressure Bortles into Bortling the game away? Will I finally get to see a 2-0 game (probably not, but let me dream for a moment). Chill here until the first quarter thread opens fifteen minutes before game time.