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The pain is almost over. We are in Week 17 [url= Harris Jersey 2019[/url] , but in a Week 17 as painful as can be for Lions fans. The Lions travel to Lambeau Field to take on the Packers in a game that is being played for nothing more than pride. The Lions are in shambles, and after putting cornerback DeShawn Shead on reserve-injured this week and ruling No. 2 corner Nevin Lawson out for Sunday’s game, they’re signing anyone with cleats at this point. If the Lions don’t want to look like the defense that got exposed on primetime against the New York Jets in Week 1, they’ll need to up their game. Bold prediction of the week: Teez Tabor holds Aaron Rodgers to <100 passer rating when targeted SundayThis wouldn’t exactly be bold for anyone else, as Matthew Stafford, who has cemented himself as QB 10-12 in this league, has a career high passer rating of 99.3. Aaron Rodgers playing with a newly inspired Packers team has potential to do much more damage, however. It’s important to also remember that this is Teez Tabor we’re talking about; he’s a corner whose best recorded 40-yard dash was above a 4.6, and he’s likely being thrust into the role of No. 2 cornerback on Sunday. Nobody who runs a 4.6, no matter the position [url= Rush Will Harris Jersey[/url] , should be in any NFL team’s top two cornerbacks. The Teez Tabor experiment hasn’t panned out at all. He’s been repeatedly scorched in coverage in the few times he has seen game action this season, and the rest of the time he has played his way into being a healthy scratch. Matt Patricia will have no choice but to give him playing time Sunday given the state of the depth chart. It’s worth noting that this could be a make or break game for Tabor—that is, if he hasn’t hit the ‘break’ point already. Tabor has been a thorough letdown for any drafted corner, let alone a second-round pick. There has been a lot of talk of the Lions moving on from the failed experiment after only two years this offseason and, barring a large uptick in performance level, Sunday could seal the deal. I usually spend the meat of this weekly piece detailing why the bold prediction is likely to play out, but I’ve really got nothing. Teez Tabor is hanging on to this team by a thread, and if the pressure isn’t enough to ratchet up his play Sunday to a level that inspires optimism, then this very well could be Tabor’s last game in a Lions uniform. Who would you pick as Jason Witten’s replacement?"Amidst the beginning of the 2019 NFL Combine, some significant NFL news broke on Thursday. Noted ESPN announcer Jason Witten decided to put his burgeoning broadcasting career on hold to join the Dallas Cowboys. Of course [url= Will Harris Jersey[/url] , Witten played 15 seasons with the Cowboys before deciding to retire after the 2017 season. But let’s not talk about the on-the-field implications of the move. This ain’t Blogging The Boys, and while the Detroit Lions play the Cowboys next year, that discussion is for another day.Instead, I want to talk about the “Monday Night Football” broadcasting booth, which will now undergo its second big change in as many years. Witten was never a good fit in the broadcast booth, but it didn’t seem like ESPN was going to make any changes, allowing him and Joe Tessitore to settle into their new jobs. Now, after losing Jon Gruden the year before, ESPN will be forced to make another changes. So today’s Question of the Day is:Which NFL announcer would you like to see on “Monday Night Football?” My answer: For far too long, “Monday Night Football” has relied upon energetic [url= Harris Jersey Womens[/url] , “entertaining” voices for their color commentator position. Obviously, you want someone who is excited to add drama to the game, but there needs to be substance, too. In my opinion, MNF broadcasts have been missing substance for far too long, favoring grunts andridiculous graphics over actual analysis. So I want someone heavy on the Xs and Os to take Witten’s spot. ESPN could try and make an aggressive run at the increasingly popular Tony Romo, a move I would be completely behind. But why not dig within their own ranks to replace Witten? They’ve already got a perfectly fine Dan Orlovsky employed, and while he’s still a little green in terms of being a broadcaster, he’s earned a fine reputation as a film analyst. #DanOForMNFYour turn.Tweets from