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The two teams squaring off in Minnesota on Sunday will each be missing a key receiver [url= Jones Jersey[/url] , for very different reasons. The Lions have traded Golden Tate, and the Vikings are expected to deactivate Stefon Diggs.Diggs suffered a rib injury against the Saints last Sunday night (he seemed to grab at his lower chest after a catch late in the first half), and even though Diggs has said he’ll play on Sunday, multiple reports indicate that he won’t. The Vikings strongly hinted at the move by activating receiver Chad Beebe, the son of ’90s-era speedster Don Beebe, on Saturday.Diggs finished Sunday night’s game with 10 catches for 119 yards, his third 100-yard game of the year. For the season [url= Kennard Jersey[/url] , he has 58 catches for 587 yards and four touchdowns.His absence will give players like Laquon Treadwell, Aldrick Robinson, and Brandon Zylstra more opportunities. Beebe, who also would become the fifth receiver on the 46-man game-day roster, also could potentially make a contribution. The Lions have to be feeling like November has come after their Sunday loss to the Vikings. Actually, in hindsight, that would have been a great song to open up the Pride Of Detroit PODcast with. I didn’t do that though. Shame.We’re back at it again with audio deduction of Lions football. The gang is here [url= Bryant Detroit Lions Jersey[/url] , the fight is on, and the loss looms heavy. We took a day to let things simmer and instead found the usual crushing weight that comes with the realization that the NFL season is halfway over and Detroit is staring down the barrel of too many losses.Nevertheless, if you want to know how this all fell apart, how badly the Lions miss Golden Tate, and indeed how badly the team is itself handling the pressure, you can hear it on PODcast. Download and subscribe to the PODcast on these platforms: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts| Spotify | Stitcher | ART19This week on the PODcastFiguring out what exactly went wrong on Sunday. There’s a lot of wrong. Spoilers.How much blame does the offensive line take for allowing 10 sacks? How much blame does Matthew Stafford take for not staying aware of the defense coming after him?The offense was missing Golden Tate, but it wasn’t going to swing the game. Nevertheless [url= Willson Jersey[/url] , we discuss how this offense has looked different without him.Is the NFC North race over for the Lions? Is this a hole the Lions can’t climb out of at this point? Is there still hope to get this turned around.Real talk on the continued career of Jim Bob Cooter in Detroit.A lesson on “tilting” and what it means that the Lions are currently doing so, from Chris.In the mailbag, Ryan is crowned POD king of competitive eating.Marciano got fired while we were recording, so we talked briefly about that too.