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needed a drive on trailer and an anchor

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Just thought I would introduce myself. Been a long time lurker, and thought it was time to join the forum.
Usually fish PPB though I some times I go out in Western Port. Haven’t had much time to fish lately but my time to be able to fish will start to increase in a couple of months.
My boat that has been lacking some serious attention is a Signature 600F (though I still seem to find something to fix!)
I started fishing PPB and WP about 16 years ago with a mate, and bought my first boat 11years ago (73 Savage Tasman with a 65hp Johnston) I had to stop fishing for a while due to a back injury and not being able to put the boat in the water, needed a drive on trailer and an anchor winch, thus the 600F, yes, it was a hard step up.
I am a qualified mechanic, and have played with all types and forms of engines/machines since I was a teenager.

Please help.

I didn’t find the right solution from the internet.

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Thank you.